Why use our Functional Pigments?

  • Over 40 years of experience providing all natural pigmentation to the poultry industry
  • To uniform egg yolk/ broiler skin and beak color
  • To uniform feed color when feed is being sold
    • Differentiate products from competitors through color
    • Add Value to poultry products (Lutein Supplementation)
    • To comply with market requests


Extracted and saponified from the highest quality Marigold Flowers.

PIVEG IZ Avelut Powder 30 is 100% natural pigment extracted from marigold flower (Tagetes erecta L.). This product is concentrated, standardized, stabilized and saponified. Contain antioxidants and antiglutinants agents. In water produces a stable emulsion. Dispersible in water.

Product Features

  • Golden color
  • Precise, high saponification levels (98.5%)
    • Highest levels of trans-lutein currently available in the market
  • Xanthophyll carotenoids
  • Brightens the yellow to orange color of Broiler yolks, skins, and beaks

Product Packaging

  • Liquid
    • 20kg pails
    • 200kg drums
    • 1000kg totes
    • Bulk
  • Powder
    • 25kg bags

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