Why use our Functional Pigments?

  • Over 40 years of experience providing all natural pigmentation to the poultry industry
  • To uniform egg yolk/ broiler skin and beak color
  • To uniform feed color when feed is being sold
    • Differentiate products from competitors through color
    • Add Value to poultry products (Lutein Supplementation)
    • To comply with market requests


Extracted and saponified from the highest quality Authentic Mexican Chilies.

Pigment concentrated of saponified carotenoids for poultry feed industry obtained by extraction from Red chili peppers (Capsicum annuum). The product are fairly homogeneous particles, intense orange to red color, with an appearance of powder and mild characteristic odor, which has been standardized and stabilized with carriers, antioxidants and anticaking agents.

Product Features

  • Red color
  • High Saponification levels: high absorption
  • Natural source of lutein
  • Brightens the orange to red color of Broiler yolks, skins, and beaks

Product Packaging

  • Liquid
    • 20kg pails
    • 200kg drums
    • 1000kg totes
    • Bulk
  • Powder
    • 25kg bags

Avired Functional Pigments | Piveg, Inc.