Authentic Mexican Mole

Mexico’s historic national dish, mole is a sauce made from dried, ground chilies. Mole’s variety of pure roasted and ground chili peppers, spices, and a hint of chocolate have made it a special tradition around the world. Typically served with chicken, turkey, enchiladas, and quesadillas, moles range from mildly sweet to complex savory flavors.

PIVEG’s traditional mole recipes are prepared with the finest select chilies.


Our moles are available in ready-to-serve and in paste form:


Mole Adobo

  • a moderate, dark-red mole made with ancho and guajillo chilies and peanuts
  • very spicy

Mole Adobado Horizontal

Mole Dulce

  • a mildly sweet, dark brown mole made with ancho, mulato, and morita chilies, and peanuts
  • slightly spicy

Mole Dulce Horizontal

Mole Oaxaca

  • the most complex of moles, this is a spicy, dark-brown mole made with mulato, pasilla, guajillo, cascabel, chipotle, and morita chilies, and accented with almonds
  • moderately spicy

Mole Oaxaca Horizontal

Mole Ranchero

  • a dark-brown mole with a smoky, mild chocolate flavor, made with pasilla and ancho chilies
  • spicy


Mole Verde

  • a green mole made with serrano chilies, tomatillos, and pumpkin seeds
  • moderately spicy

Mole Verde Horizontal