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We have sent an email clarifying your case on the 25th of February. The email was sent from to your registered email address with us. You can open and close positions when the market is open.

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The MT5 dashboard supports 38 technical indicators, 44 graphical objects, 21 timeframes, one-click trading, built-in depth of market widgets and an economic calendar. Clients can trade with the popular MT4 platform, best known for trading on the forex market. The MT4 dashboard supports advanced charting functionality, 30 technical indicators, 9 timeframes, automated trading and other tools for real-time market analysis.

FOLLOWME does not held any responsibility for the communication failures, miss-transmissions or delays that occur during online trading. Also, the user’s credit card provider, bank, or payment system may charge user deposits and withdrawals with transaction fees or commissions that are outside the company’s control. The company does not accept direct payments or other payments like third parties.

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Being consistency and patient will always give reward to you. My trade log update this week, not as good as my standard but it can be acceptable. I’m a true swing trader and like to sit and watch my trade runs.

so today i went to trade the CAD emplyment change with a lower lot size and on the 5 times i took a buy they kept sayin insufficient funds. as i type ive withdrawn my money and i advice people not to use exness because theyre going to cheat you and wont give you a valid reason as to why. I deposited R2000 into my account and traded few loosing trades. Then after 3 loosing trades i entered a sell in usdcad which streight away went in my sell direction. As it goes my platform got disconnected then got connected in 5 minutes. Then i contacted them via a live chat to complain and they asked me for my login id which i provided.

  • We think it’s one of the best mobile trading platforms for NAS100 trading since it is both comprehensive and very easy to use.
  • On MT4, it requires a minimum deposit of $500 and it apparently offers unlimited leverage.
  • In other words, Apple device users will have the same options as traders who work on Windows.

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Exness is the brand name of the global brokerage firm that delivers its services through two main offices in Seychelles and is a Cyprus Broker. House of Borse aims to open and close markets as close to the posted trading hours as possible. X Open Hub can also consult you in identifying initial broker requirements, meeting regulation standards, training and marketing.

A-Book means your trade is passed through to the market and filled by a “liquidity provider”, basically a fancy term for “Bank”. Imagine you want to buy some USDJPY, your broker places the order with the bank, the bank then digs into their vault and fills your order. There is also a knowledge base that is offered to traders through the website, for the trader’s convenience. The knowledge base is an extensive guide on trading and all of the features that make up a trading decision, and how to trade with international capitals. Many traders use this guide to be able to understand the inner-workings of the trading industry, and everything they need to know about it. This is particularly helpful for novice traders who have yet to fully understand the way trading works.

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If you have tried trading with other brokers, you will know how long it will take to withdraw. So this is one of the main reasons for traders to choose Exness. Generally, all brokers have its strengths as well as weaknesses. So it is more important that you have to know whether it is suitable for you, your trading strategies. Because broker xm indonesia Exness offers the best trading conditions for experts and they seldom offer bonuses as beginners like. CFD markets involves substantial risk and there is always the potential for loss.

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Working with a wide range of stakeholders within technology, marketing, regulatory, Anti-Fraud and commercial with an aim to result in a coordinated approach to product development & improvement. Be an active supporter of a culture of forward and innovative thinking, encouraging the team to always be curious and one step ahead. Spokesmen for the other teams and brokerages either declined to comment or didn’t respond to inquiries.

Lastly, together with comfortable conditions for trading, you will get advanced support that brings customer service in 13 languages available 24/5, and support 24/7 in English and Chinese. Exness gained actually quite good rankings for its support and is recognized among financial markets for its excellence. As the majority of Forex brokers, Exness also offers to use leverage, which may increase potential gains through its possibility to multiple initial accounts balance. Create new clients, execute deposits and withdrawals, observe live trading activity of your clients and view overall portfolio performance. xManager partnered with xAdmin allows you to set different trading groups, spread markups, commissions and users all from one place.