If you own a gun, it’s always the top priority to keep them safe. They need to have a gun safe, because it’s a very important part of gun safety and becomes an even more important factor when there are children in the house. A weapon certainly seems to be just another unnecessary home furniture for some people, but to understand how important the possession of one, could only protect you from unnecessary risks that come with the possession of a weapon.

Owning a rifle safe is very important, regardless of whether you live in an area where the weapon is safe, or not. There are many types of rifle creators on the market that can be bought for a very modest amount, while on the other hand, high-end pistol safes will require a certain increase in spending.

It is important, however, to understand that possession of a high-end weapons safe comes with its own advantages. High-end weapons safes may sound expensive, but if a buyer analyzes the value for money, it pays off in the long term, and they are worth the money spent on it. A pistol sure will not only keep the gun out of range of your family members, but also keep your gun stolen from criminals.

When deciding on the type of high-end pistol safely to buy, there are many factors to consider before you get on a certain safe. Below, you’ll find information on some factors that you need to think about before buying a high-end safe, along with a list of thetop high-end safes available today on the market.

Top High-End Gun Safes

4 Customer Rating

Stack-On A-64-MB-E-S-72

Color:Matte Black


Dimensions:25 x 40 x 72 in

Weight:738 pounds


5 Customer Rating



Material:1/2 ” solid steel


Weight:1,319 pounds


5 Customer Rating

Pentagon The Frontier






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Pentagon The Frontier 72 ” large



Dimensions:72 “high x 46″ wide x 28 ” deep



Stack-64-MB-E-S-72 Gun Safe

When it comes to protecting your weapon from dangers such as fire and control, who has access to it, a weapon is certainly a basic safety equipment that it possesses.
This high-end pistol certainly offers ultimate protection against burglars and other people who could try to gain access to your guns and other valuable accessories.

This quality stack-on pistol safe offers excellent protection against fire and top quality value for your buck. This unit comes with amazing features, including 30-minute fire resistance of up to 1400 degrees Fahrenheit. It also has a 4-way locking system and long-lasting steel locking bolts measuring 1.5 inches. In addition, there is a 3-spoke handle, and if you open the safe, you will be pleasantly surprised by the wonderfully carpets and the three adjustable shelves that you can adjust to meet your storage needs.

The locking mechanism is stateof-the-art technology, and this pistol certainly comes with an electronic lock in which you’ll be able to get your own 3 to
8-digit lock access combination. The electronic locking system is battery-powered and there is also a backup master key with your purchase included.

The stack-64-MB-E-S-72 has a pry-resistant and thick steel plate designed to protect the lock and increase safety. The safe also comes with three 1-inch blind bolts and sevenlocking bolts to guarantee durability and safety.

The interior measures aboutsquare feet. Here we have a carpeting with a separation gun, which is supplied with two storage compartments, which can be adapted to keep up to 64 cannons in both compartments. All in all, this is a high-quality, high-quality rifle safe, which offers excellent protection and is equipped with a life-long warranty. Therefore, you should be sure that your rifle will be damaged due to a fire or theft. You can be sure that it will be replaced or repaired for free.

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American Security BF 6636 Gun Safe

This unit is one of the popular models from American Safety and comes with different desired features. In addition to the U.L certified for burgla protection, it is also an ETL certification for fire protection and can withstand temperatures of up to 1200 degrees of heat for 120 minutes.

The construction features an upper, solid steel door with improved ergonomic handles, and you can choose between textured and high-gloss color options. This unit is very spacious, has an aesthetic design and is extremely easy to mount in your home or office. Together with its ultra-fast locking and opening mechanism, this pistol safe includes first-class security elements such as handles that snap out under Pry, Punch and Drill attacks.

American security gives you a life-long warranty, so you can be sure your purchase is protected and you don’t have to worry about any damage.
For more visibility and attractiveness, there are several other features, such as mirror rear wall and high-gloss polished wall logos. It is listed as a Group II lock, as it has a long-lasting, drilling-resistant steel plate and two devices for relocking it.

This unit also offers an excellent storage capacity, as you have a door organizer for the weapons, multiple zip pockets and lots of shelves for your documents.
You can also adjust the storage space to match the memory requirements.

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Frontier Black and Silver Gun Safe

This is another top-class pistol safe on the market, which features a 2-inch step-by-step system that provides access to the 5 3/4-inch overall strength construction. The pistol safe has been designed for 90 minutes of fire and has long-lasting bolts, which are more than three times larger than other regular safes. The exterior walls are semi-glossy, scratch-resistant, and the interior walls are all carpets, including the door.

Frontier Pistole Safe has one of the best locking combos you can find on the market. Other features include 5 banker wheel and 2 in-door relock system.
It uses a 4-level re-locker with loaded spring and brass arm re-lockers.
Frontier has a carpeting floor that provides maximum security for all of your documents, handguns and long rifles that you need to store inside the vault.

When you open the safe, the safe offers several shelves and bags for all your storage requirements. It’s also designed for quick access, since the only barrier you have is the door. There are no additional obstacles that will get on your way as soon as you get access through the selector cabinet.

The safe is designed to keep up to 40 long guns in addition to your other valuable items. It’s ideally organized to accommodate both small rifles and long guns, and this safe is best for everyone who needs to be on the look-out for a safe storage solution for their long guns, handguns and other valuable items that need to be kept safe.

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Frontier Black and Gold Gun Safe

Here is another Frontier pistol safe, which is a 2 “Step System Door and consists of 5 3/4” whole round thickness, which means that this unit is built with five times thicker steel than any other gun safely on the market today. The outer consists of a half-glossy colour texture, which is also pratenfest.

This unit has a robust 5-prong banker wheel, and the door has 2 re-locker system along with a 4-degree spring-closing compartment. The interior is beautifully maintained in order to protect your items from scratch. The interior also offers excellent storage flexibility, which allows you to adjust the shelves according to your weapons collection.

The door is also very organized with bags, where you can store your smaller items. There is also an AC output that you can use to install a dehumidifier or an interior light. All in all, this is an industrial-grade pistol that solves all your storage needs and offers maximum protection on a level that is hard to beat.

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American Security BF7250 Gun Safe

The American Security BF7250 gun safe is fully packed with high-quality security features. It comes with a sturdy 3/8 solid steel sheet. In addition, it is certified for up to 2 hours during the fire at 1200 degrees Fahrenheit and ETL-certified. It comes with an installed light kit and a built-in power connector.

In addition, this device has a pratesisted electronic lock and first-class steel locking system, with increased grip rotation. In addition, the electronic locking system comes with a five-spoke, stable handle. Also this pistol safely comes with a 2-inch thick steel wall on all sides, and the thickness includes two layers of steel and cast dry light insulation for exceptional safety and fire protection. The gross steel thickness is 7Ga.The gun safely also has 12 massivechrome-plated bolts for increased durability and safety.

The American Security BF7250 measures 72.2 by 30.2 times 51 inches. The premium door organizer offers quick access to frequently used accessories and maximizes the storage space. Just like the stack-64 MB-E-S-72, this American Security BF7250 pistol also comes with a lifetime warranty.

Steel-Water AMHD724228-blk Gun Safe

This ingenious pistol safely has a solid steel construction, which can also withstand the most determined pry, drilling and punch attacks. In addition, it is designed to withstand the fire exposure up to two hours at 1875 degrees Fahrenheit. The upper, lower and sides of this vault are stacked with high-quality and durable steel sheet metal plates to ensure complete protection against forced entry.

The lock system has a state-of-the-art innovation, which includes a gear-controlled locking mechanism. In addition, it has additional screws for additional protection and also a re-lock system that always, if you close the door, it will lock itself automatically.

These safe measures 72 “x 42″ x 27 5/8 ” height, width and diagonals. The ballistic force-resistant metals are designed to keep your articles closed safely. There are also pre-drilled holes inside the vault, which you can use to install a dehumidifier or an interior light.

All in all, this is a high-end rifle that can meet every need. It offers highest security and is built with quality and longevity in mind, and the best part is that Steelwater is one of the lengthiest warranty in the business, a whopping lifespan burglar and fire guarantee and a year warranty against flaws.

Winchester Silverado Premier 23-7-E Gun Safe

This safe is a high-end system designed to distract fire and break-in attempts. The door has 5 layers of fire boards, and the body consists of 4 fire board layers. In addition, it is very robust and thick, so all thieves have a hard time tempering with or destroying this unit. One of its greatest security elements is the drilling-resistant steel plate, which is located behind the electronic lock. Winchester Silverado Premier has a 4-way locking bolt system for maximum protection. In addition, it has a 1.5 inch steel locking bolt from the top class.

The safe is 60 “height x 30″ weight x 25 ” Diagonal and weighs 800 kilos. This device is heavy, so you can safely expect massive storage protection from this weapon. The interior is provided with a grey Pindot textile to ensure that your belongings remain scratch-free.

This pistol safely provides up to 22.9 cubic feet of interior space, which is sufficient to store all your weapons and other valuable things you need to protect. Overall, this unit offers great protection and comes with a long-lived and statuenof-the-art lock mechanism. It’s a very simple process to mount this safe anywhere in your home or office, and there’s a handy socket that allows you to put an air dehumidifier in the safe. If you are looking for a safe weapon, then you should seriously consider this unit of Winchester.

High-End Gun Safe Buy Guide

Before you safely branch off your hard-earned money for an expensive weapon, you should retreat and carefully consider your needs and demands. There are so many top-quality units on the market that you will easily get lost and with a unit that does not meet your needs. Browse through the information below and see if you can limit your selection to the very best model.
In this way, you will surely end up with a weapon that you can keep for a lifetime.
There are only a few points to consider in the search for a TopClass rifle safe.

Lock Quality

Most of the Hochend gun safes have very high quality locks compared to the other cheap safes. However, it is important to understand that not all high-end safes are of the same quality, as the quality can vary from one manufacturer to another. Therefore, you can decide whether you like the old school hand lock or the biometric type of the castle. With modern technology, you can be sure to get the best lock on the market when you buy the high-end pistol safes.


There are different types of gun safes on the market that come in different shapes and sizes. Choose the size that works best for you, depending on the firearm you own. The safe manufacturers of high-end rifle always offer the advantages that you can adapt your custom gun safes to the shape and size of your firearm.

Bolting Options

Buy a pistol that gives you an option to screw it to either the floor or the wall. The ability to screw up your safe stops its movement or is easy to be stolen from your home or office. This will depend, however, on whether the user does not want to be safer mobile. For individuals who like to move around with their safes, this may not be necessary.

Steel quality

A major advantage when buying a high-end pistol is that unauthorised people can’t easily get access to the safe. In all high-end safes there is a Pry-, Punch-and Drill-resistant plate to protect the locking mechanism.
In addition, the thickness of the steel prevents people from being manipulated with the safe. The pot pistol safes are characterized by a smaller steel construction. For this reason, you must ensure that you are available for the lowest gauge.


You have to pay attention to the weight of the safe you buy. However, most high-end safes offer maximum protection, without being too heavy.
Depending on your preferences, weight is an important factor that needs to be taken into account when you decide what kind of what kind of purchase is to buy.


High-end safes are safer than the average safe, which costs a little less.
This is due to the fact that the manufacturer uses high-quality materials in the building process.
The steel used and the locks on the vault are of very high quality in order to provide additional safety.


High-end pistols-Tresore are made with very prestigious designs to bring out the class that the owner is looking for. A safe, just like any other furniture in the house, must also bring out the status of a person.


The buyer will always have an option to safely go for a tailor-made pistol when it comes to the high-end type. Therefore, you can contact the manufacturer and decide on the shape, size, color and all that needs to be added to it. With this option, the ability to get this one that meets the taste of a person is becoming more and more popular.


The high-end tresors are made of high-technology compared to the normal safes sold at very low prices. From the technology used on the locks, how soft they open, are high-end pistol safes of widely superior technology.
Superior technology is always important in this modern world in order not only to offer maximum safety, but also comfort in use and easy access.


You will always get a guarantee when it comes to high-end pistols safes. Because most manufacturers of these high-end safes will always make sure about their product. The guarantee varies between manufacturers and can range from 1 year to a lifetime warranty.

All high-end rifle safes come with a guarantee when they are bought.
Some of these safes even have a life-long warranty, as mentioned above. This is because the safes consist of high-quality technology and materials that make the manufacturers confident that they will supply the customer with a top-product product. The guarantee can be structured in different ways by different dealers. You can offer a free replacement if the safes develop problems that are waiting after a certain amount of time and many others depending on the manufacturer.

Warranty is very important when a person buys a product of value. Although the guarantee cannot be thought of as a decision factor for a pistol safely, it can give you a good idea about the value and quality of your investment.

Last thoughts

There are many cannon safes on the market, which will be available at different prices. High-end pistol safes are sometimes frighted by buyers because of the high prices they come with. However, it is important to understand that the high prices are always due to the high manufacturing standard in the manufacture of these safes.

High-end gun safes could be expensive in the short term because of the acquisition cost, but in the long run, those are the best costs you can have that you can have. They offer you longevity, can get service from the supplier, and because of the high quality locks and steel from which they are made, you can be sure that you are investing in a quality product.