Check out our latest, up-to-date reviews and product guides for the best sleep accessories. Be kind – to yourself and to others.We feel that this is the most important piece of advice – to always be kind (or even kinder) to yourself during these times. The world did not see this coming and we were ill-prepared, to say the least. It’s good to be productive but if you have days where you just want to take time off, do it.

CBD oil is an oversaturated market right now, so you might find it overwhelming to shop for CBD. There’s a lot of unprecedented claims and unverified brands that you have to wade through before finding the right one for you. And what works for someone else, might not work for you either. If you have been diagnosed with PTSD or night terrors, CBD might also be able to help with that, as well.

We’ve gathered the best sleep products, accessories and informational articles to help families sleep better – all night, every night. According to experts, however, if you do not always feel sleepy during daytime, you may not need PAP Therapy. We’ll answer important questions about CBD oil, essential oils and other nature-based therapies to help you get more comfortable zzzzzZZZZzzzz’s. But what if you owned something that helps you sleep better each and every night?

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It’s no surprise that many people are finding it hard to sleep at night amidst living in these uncertain times. Of all age groups, it is seniors that probably find sleep to be challenging. With their sensitive digestive systems and a host of physical health problems, lack of sleep is sometimes something that seniors constantly battle. Work, kids, day-to-day obligations, meetings, appointments, errands, you name it – adulting not only takes up a huge chunk of our time but takes a LOT of time out of sleep, too.

And of course, we already know that many people who experience chronic pain have been hailing CBD for its healing properties, too. So, if chronic pain is keeping you up or waking you up at night, CBD could comfort you. Sleep apnea affects 1 in 5 American adults and what’s worse — there are currently no drugs on the market to treat sleep apnea effectively. Right now, the main “solution” for those struggling with sleep apnea is a CPAP machine, a bulky mask that has to be worn during sleep. However, CBD might be the golden ticket to peaceful sleeping for sleep apnea sufferers.

According to that same review from 2017, CBD can help people with REM sleep behavior disorders — such as sleep apnea — both fall and stay asleep. However, there’s still a lot of unknown information regarding timing, dosing, risk, and potential side effects when using CBD as a sleep aid. When you’re calm, it’s more likely that you fall asleep easier and quicker than if you are experiencing pain or anxiety. Without the presence of anxiety and pain, it might be easier to fall and stay asleep. Infinite CBD products are made from only the highest quality CBD Isolate.

So remember to be kind to others, as well as the rest of the world heals from this. In fact, many experts say that anxiety is at an all-time high and that America should expect another kind of pandemic once this is all over – a mental health pandemic.

Despite sharing similarities to marijuana in terms of chemical makeup, CBD does not produce the same psychoactive “high” that is usually associated with its more colorful cousin. CBD is a non-psychoactive substance that does not contain THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the chemical compound responsible for the psychoactive “high” felt by marijuana. These sleep products are known to help exhausted parents get much-needed sleep.