The Artemis Biometric Quick Access Gun Safe is our best night gun safe and with high security security keys, the bed gun safely also has a lock to tie the case for security purposes. The bed pistol is also made of weapons-grade plastic polymer and is perfectly perfect for your needs for safety and the like. As a bed pistol sure that is child safe, it is a great safe that scans should be like it and it will also sound after 5 unauthorized attempts for security purposes.

Our step-up pick is the tracker Safe S12-B2 Non-Fire Isolated safety and longevity is great with the night-foot device safely due to its 14-gauge steel body.
It also has an important bypass for when the power is off. With the bed gun safe, multiple users can use and access the safe and you can even keep your most valuable purse and cash in that bed gun safe.

The budget pick is the GunVault SV500 Speed Vault Handgun Safe and the access to your safe has never been so comfortable with the bed pistol.
For those who want to exercise responsible gun safety, this is a great choice.
Equipped with a 9-volt battery, the bed pistol safe is equipped with 4 pre-drilled holes for easy installation.

A little background

A rifle safe is a must-have for any person in the world who wants to keep himself as safe as possible so that they can defend themselves. People also want, above all, a bed pistol, so that they will be armed whenever it gets tough, so that in times of danger they can easily protect themselves if a weapon is the last resort.
Pistol safes are important for people with security threats in their home and that’s why people also need to get a gun in safety for their bedroom for their needs, and this weapon certainly should be well protected without a lot of hassle or security threats at all.

How we selected

When choosing the best bed pistols for sure, you have to consider the following factors: The bed pistol should be safe to lock easily, but impossible to pry. The night shot safe should very easily pull together for a fingerprint or keyboard-access, but it shouldn’t be easy to steal at all. It should be mounted in a very safe way, in order not to lose it when the time is required for it. A fireproof bed pistolensafe is also a must-have for business facilities, especially.
The bed pistol should have a no-foot set up. If the wrong code has been entered, the Safe-Safe should be a very simple scan of your fingerprints, if applicable, or a simple input of keyboard shortcuts with timeout security features.
The bed pistol should be extremely durable. The bedside gun safes should have an excellent robustness so that not every human being can open it and it should also be at least fireproof or safe against the elements and the test of time and massive destruction.

Our selection

Artemis Biometric Quick Access Gun Safe Our best bed gun is the Artemis Biometric Quick Access Gun Safe, which allows you to access as much as possible quick access and easily fits into a drawer.
The bed gun is safe to be extremely durable and it will definitely take care of your pistol. In fact, with the bed pistol safe, swimming will not open the case. You can use the fingerprint or the key system with this safe, and it’s also a permanent bed gun that’s safe to be made from polycarbonate plastic polymer.
With security features, the bed pistol safe also has locking mechanisms to prevent unauthorized access. The bed pistol safely and comfortably stores up to 200 unique fingerprints and it can withstand the weight of a full-size truck. Only with the press of a finger, you can easily use this bed pistol safely. It is made of hard plastic and is as good as possible unbreakable as a sturdy night-sweaty device. With great fingerprint accuracy, the bed pistol certainly also prints from any direction, so you can feel comfortable if you do it for your intended purposes. The bed pistol safe also has a contact biometric system. The easy handling, the bed gun safely can also work as a storage in the car and it is able to handle authorized fingerprint scans in no time. Also, the bed gun is safe to program relatively easily and it is also safe and fast, which makes your weapons quickly accessible without compromising security.
For pistol access, you can be sure of this bed pistol, as it can also be equipped with a 9mm handgun. In addition, the bed pistol safe has a thick, padded interior space to make it easier for your guns to stay safe. It is also easily programmable and the tubulary key of the bedside safe is very easy to use. Also, a lot of people who used the bed-gun rifle said it seems to work great.
With the ultra-safe radial vector multipoint technology RVM, the bed pistol safe is quite advanced with technology and it also comes with the mounting holes for the simple device. The bed gun safely fits perfectly with your firearm and it is also very strong and durable. In addition, you can even use the bed pistol safely under your bed.
For those who need a pistol safely, the bed pistol safe is a great option. It also has a low battery alarm to alert you in times of need. The biometric plate is easy to reach with this night-shot device safe and it also has 4 mounting holes to use for you. Almost every pistol fits into this pistol. They will be very satisfied and it can fit into a bedside table as well. It is a highly reliable safe and has a single touch mechanism. The Bedside Gun is securely closed and is made from a body armor and a bulletproof glass polymer polycarbonate polymer. It also fits larger handguns and has a simple programming button. The bed pistol certainly does not require swimming and it is made from high-quality biometrically.
In an emergency, you can safely depend on this bed pistol, as it also has an omni-directional mechanism without any problems. As a reliable fingerprint scanner, the bed-safe-safe-bed-safe has 4 AA batteries. It unlocks in seconds for your extra security. Inside upholstered, the bed gun safe can accommodate up to 4,000 scanner operations per year and is a small and discreet weapon that is safe for your bed.

Flags, but not Dealbrakers

The Artemis Biometric Quick Access Gun Safe has a few drawbacks, but no drop-off like the fact that maybe it doesn’t fit other handguns that are big, but you can only invest for a bigger safe for that.

Step-up Pick

Tracker Safe S12-B2 Non-Fire Isolated Security The Tracker Safe S12-B2 Non-Fire Isolated Security comes with a simple lock and is our Stief-Up Pick. Made with a 3/16 inch thick steel door, the bed pistol safe includes two medium-sized handguns and it also has a biometric scanner that is absolutely reliable.
The user codes can be 4 to 8 long and repeated numbers are in order and the bed pistol safe can also hold jewelry inside. The bed gun makes sure the use of a reliable electronic pass code lock and can also store ammunition if you want to.
A battery handler is also safe with the bed pistol and there is also a 10 inch distance between the mounting holes. The door is safe with this bed pistol, as it also neatly and profoundly shows battery life.
The safe is easy to program and the push-button code system is in order. Ideal for night use, the bed frame safe also has a carpeting floor and it also comes in with two 3/4 inch round bolts for easy mounting. You can even hide this bed pistol in the closet and even in the dresser. With a reinforced door frame, the bed pistol safe can easily be opened by fingerprint.
You can even use the bed gun safely in your garage, as it can also accommodate in small important documents. The black, textured powder coating makes the bed pistol durable for a long time. You can even use the bed gun safely in a cabin, as it also displays the battery life as well as possible.
With a fixed storage compartment inside, the bed pistol safe can also be a great addition to your summer house. With a weight of 31 pounds, the gun safe has about 6 to 12 months of battery life on average. You can even use the bed pistols safely for your car. It comes with two 3/8 inch pre-drilled holes for comfortable mounting. Equipped with a secure key bypass, the bed pistol safe has a reliable electronic keyboard as well. You can use the bed pistol safely in your RV, with all the mounting hardware. As a very spacious bed defense rifle, it can record up to 25 fingerprints in its entire system. The buttons beep, if they are safe with this night-shot device and it is safe for mounting on the wall. With its biometric fingerprint system, the bed pistol safe is safe and also isolated. It also beeps when open longer than 1 minute to make it very safe. The unit uses 4 AA batteries and the front opening is heavily built.
For hard applications, this 11-15 -inch orcubic foot bed gun is safe, which is safe as a steel fuse. With its battery indicator, the bed pistol safe has a limited service life guarantee.

Budget Pick

GunVault SV500 Speed Vault Handgun Safe Our budget pick is the GunVault SV500 Speed Vault Handgun Safe, which can give you quick access to your ammunition and rifles. With the combination of biometric and digital keypad, the handgun also comes into play with an interior courtesy light. Perfect for your home or your company, the bed gun safely works even on low light situations and it has a safe physical key backup for power failure purposes. The Bedside Gun Safe has an electronic keypad that can be turned off on its sound. It has a mounting plate for the side and it can easily illuminate your handgun by the bed gun-safe lighting system. Absolutely sure in any case, the bed gun safe is pretty quiet for stealth purposes. The digital keyboard of the bedside safe is very reliable, and any authorized person can change settings in a breeze. The durability of the bed gun certainly feels rock solid and the backup override buttons really work.
The inside has soft foam safely on this bed gun and it’s pretty roomy for all your valuables. The bed pistol safe also has a quick activation drop-down drawer. It is quite ready to use and is considered to be one of the best safety safes on the market for a household. With quick access, the single-bed pistol safe is practically impossible to pry with hand tools. It is also a slightly programmable bed pistol safely with an 18-lane steel construction for durability. The bed pistol is also safe to install, and it uses only a 9 volt battery alkaline. With a protective, foaming interior design, the bed pistol can also be seen with an internal floodlight and a revolutionary design. With several mounting options, securing firearms in one bedroom has never been so easy with the bed gun safe. If you keep your firearms safe and secure, the bed pistol safe has all the necessary hardware that is included for your optimal design and flexibility needs. With a rock solid construction, the bed pistol certainly also has a backup override key and a 5 year warranty for your needs.

Best Biometrically Enabled Bedside Gun Safe

Gunvault MVB500 Microvault Biometric Pistol Safe The Gunvault MVB500 Microvault Biometric Pistol Safe has a conveniently located keyboard and you can be dependent on any function of the vault. It measures 11 times 8 1/2 times 2 1/4 inches and is very easy to program. The Bedside Gun Safe can take up to 30 fingerprints and after repeated invalid entries it locks the access for security purposes. With 5 pounds to keep children out of it is good and you can even quickly access the weapons with the authorization. The Bedside Gun Safe works every time you use it, as it also updates minor changes. You can even have space for additional magazine and the backup override keys are reliable.
You will be very satisfied with the bed pistol because you can store your semi-car pistol with great confidence through the foam lining inside. The safe is also perfect for transportation and it can provide quick access whenever you need it. The bed gun is safe to be super impossible, even with tools to pry and it protects strongly against unwanted accesses. In fact, you can make a small flashlight in the rough interior of the bed-bed gun safely and depends on its rock solid construction. It has a 100 percent rate of accuracy for its biometrics and prevents rattling through the foam. You will receive a free and accurate gun safety with the built-in computer of the bed gun safely.
In any case that unauthorized persons come in, the bed pistol safe has a nifty lock mechanism and it works very well to protect the firearm strongly.
With high-strength industry standards, the bed pistol safe has a neat biometric scan system. Built with precise fittings, the bed pistol safe is also equipped with a safety cable and you can enjoy the gun safety without any mistakes. Other valuables also have a place for this bed pistol, backed by a 5-year warranty.

Best Bedside Gun Safe for pistol and hand Gun

Cobra Vaults Portable Gun Safe Case For full size pistols, you can train from this Cobra Vaults Portable Gun Safe Case depending on effective gun ownership. As a safe and secure storage handgun, he is given a durable powder coating. It can adapt other valuables as reliable and versatile vaults, which are versatile and reliable.
They can even use them in the office with their lock box and it can fit full-format handguns. This versatile gun case also has a key lock and is a strong and reliable case. It is also an autopistole safe for your needs and can also fit into many rifle parts. You can even put money and jewelry.
It has a large and roomy interior, which is also for ammunition storage. It stores cheap money if you need it and is durable due to its heavy steel construction. With a spacious interior, the safe dimensions are 34 x 11 x 2 inches. People who have to practice responsible gun ownership can rely on this kidfriendly bed pistol safely.
In fact, wall mounting is simply safe with this night-shot device and you can fit anything, including magazines. It can safely protect children from injuries caused by the bed pistol with rounded edges. As a high-quality Nightshot rifle, it fits 1911-style pistols and keeps them properly secured. Absolutely safe for children, it is a long-lived pistol store from 18-lane steel construction, mounted anywhere. You can use the bed pistols safely in the home for a basic solution for the gun store. The bottom of the vault has 2 pre-drilled holes. If you have a respect for your guns, that’s the bed pistol safe to get. You can even use it for general travel. It is equipped with 2 additional safety cables and is also advisable for tactical equipment.
With a secure key mechanism, the security cable measures 38 inches. Fit into your gun or revolver, as the bed pistol secure mounts almost anywhere as a portable gun shell. The Tragseil measures 8 inches and the bed gun safely is safe and safe for any car. It has 1500 lb tests and has soft materials inside. It can store two guns and is very long-lasting. It meets the specifications of the TSA-Airline and is a great single-bed pistol safe for many handguns. With the heavy-track steel construction you can safely secure everything you need to fit in this bed pistol. It also complies with the firearms guidelines of most governing bodies. As extremely durable, the bed frame can safely also handle the largest handguns and it also has a wire handle. With a 4-foot safety cable, that’s a good quality safe and it comes with pre-drilled holes. Keep your important documents in this bed pistol safely. It features a carrying cable and an intelligent design that is all in a compact, large bed pistol.

Best Bedside Gun Safe with LCD Display Display

The Streetwise Security Products Bedside Gun Safe is a great means of protecting you through the side of your mattress and you’ll be very happy as it can store from a .22 up to a .45 for responsible hand-held storage.
By providing quick access to your handgun, this unique storage mechanism is there when you need it for your loaded handgun. It has a biometric fingerprint sensor and works as for authorized users with its biometric access and a backup key advertised. It retains the user data as much as possible.
The power failure is not a problem for maximum reliability. They will be very satisfied by the interchangeable pin on the barrel. There’s a fingerprint scanner and a backup override access. A 7 ft. Security cables to avoid theft is also there. It also has a continuous performance and a solid performance for convenient quick access. With the included AC power cable, you keep weapons discreet and safe. Equipped with 4 AA batteries, it fits on the side of your bed and can accommodate up to 10 users. Protect your weapons without scratching or disrupting, as this safe has a non-powered option. There are 2 fingerprints and a 4-to 8-digit key code for each person. Setup and usage is a breeze, since you can get direct access with the graphical LCD screen. This biometrics safe can also display a history of the latest device usage as denied users and unknown fingerprints. There is an important access through the back, which makes it discreet and safe through the no loud beeps or noises.
The case quietly opens up for your needs and it also meets California requirements for safely stored firearms. For those who need a wealthy access, that’s the way to go. It is supported by a warranty of 1 year.

Best Bedside Gun Safe with Electronic Lock

Stack-On QAS-1514 Quick Access Gun Safe The Stack-On QAS-1514 Quick Access Gun Safe is a great pistol compartment with an All-Steel fixture. He swings down for the firearm down and can be in silent mode.
It gives you quick and easy access and increased visibility. The simple design makes this only weapon safely completely easy when you need it. It can fit 9mm pistols or smaller and is powered by 4 AA batteries. The touch-activated sound is optional and its electronic locking is reliable. It holds 1911 frames and has enough dial gauge for protection. It has a quick access, has foam and is in order for bedside assembly. It secures your weapon in place and has a steel bracket. It fits on the night stands and is an excellent solution for the safety of weapons. With electronic lock luminaires, it also fits the bed frames and has reliable Sleeve holders. For responsible firearms owners who work under conditions with low light, this is a good pistol safely with mounting hardware.

Best Bedside Gun Safe for links or right side of the bed

Benchmaster Weapon Rack Bedside Gun Rack The Benchmaster Weapon Rack Bedside Gun Rack can be used for the right or left side of the bed, and will not make noise. With additional buttons, it offers ultimate access for your weapons for safe mounting. It’s also a weapons rack that safely stores handguns. With the soft rubber slider as a bedstead to your pistol, you can comfortably reach your handgun.
It’s easy and you can easily reach and pull it out. It is resistant to rotting, moldmildew and it installs itself easily and has a big flap. The enclosed safety cover is soft and fits between the box spring and the mattress for your storage accessories. This pistol, which does not contain any latex, also has a low water absorption and has a great chemical resistance.

Best Ultra Compact Designed Bedside Gun Safe

Safe It TG1100 Hand Gun Safe With a compact fit, the safe it TG1100 Hand Gun Safe is lined inside with foam and has a long hinge side to make the storage easy. With an all-steel construction, you keep your personal items and your weapon safe. It can fit in bags and suitcases and has a key lock safe.
With this handgun and pistol, you can provide extra protection to your weapons. It fits handguns inside a 21-guage steel construction. You can use it under your bed to discreetly stow away your personal items. With a slim design it is reliable and safe for your equipment and also has a permanent mounting part. With a long hinge shape of the opening, it can accompany large pistols and revolvers as a portable safe, which is okay for cars, dresses and desk drawers to accompany.

Best Rifle Storage Bedside Gun Safe

Stealth Defense Vault DV652 Gun Safe The Stealth Defense Vault DV652 Gun Safe fits heavily under the bed and is not too bulky to give you a peace of mind as a bed-and-arms camp. It can fit any rifle or shotgun safely with its entire hardware hardware, without scratching.
Your money and your safety will be guaranteed by this 14-track steel safely with a beautiful size and an electronic lock for quick access. With a 5-point sliding latch, it’s the perfect safe for home defenses and it has an esl5 electronic lock. For the home defense weapons, this backlit pistol safely has a foaming shell and comes with a dean safe rifle sock that measures 52 inches.
With an illuminated keypad, it’s absolutely perfect to use in the dark to secure the gun store while you’re asleep. You get a lot of space with this CA-DOJ peided pistol safe to keep guns in a big state. Super easy to mount, it’s a neat firearm safety device.

The Competition

Other night sweat safes weren’t very safe at all, so they weren’t on our list. It’s important that every bed pistol is safe to be exactly safe, as well as for longevity, reliability and easy access to your most needed weapons at a current time.

Other frequently asked questions

Q: What are some important rules for the safe handling of weapons?
A: According to Magtech, the weapons are always to be considered, and point them in a safe direction. Make sure that you know your destination and what goes beyond that. Use the right ammunition. Make sure that you store the weapon in a secure location. If you have children at home, make sure you invest in a gun safely. Keep the weapon in a safe direction, even if it does not fire, so you can carefully discharge the weapon with safety.

Q: What safety instructions should be considered in the storage of weapons safes?
A: According to California DOJ, consider weapons safes that have at least 1/2 inch thickness and have at least 10,000 possible combinations for keypad closing systems and are with 7-track steel for doors and 12-gauge steel for the entire construction.


To sum up everything, the Artemis Biometric Quick Access Gun Safe is our best bed pistol safe for those who need quick access to their weapons and ammunition on the comfort of their own bedroom with great ease.